Since I started working out every morning in my “pond” I have lost 60 pounds, while I don’t always swim every morning I do water aerobics (30 minutes) and at least run against the full current for at least 20 minutes or more.  So YES I love love love my spa as does my husband.

Every Friday night we have “Open Pond” night and our friends join us, we have had 6-8 people in there and everyone had their space and was beyond comfortable.

Carla Giles

Thank you so much for coming to Sedona and for arranging for me to swim in your MP Signature swim spa ( I know–I’ll be getting the Momentum D) .  I am so excited and can’t wait to get going! It was extremely helpful for me to swim in the MP version as well as the 60″ depth.

We have already met with our contractor and gone over plans for the concrete pad, removing the roof, erecting a higher roof, etc.
When we get back from our trip to the Maritime provinces (leaving tomorrow) we will move forward on this end.  I will be in touch when I hear more from the lawyer about our plans.
Again, thanks for your excellent work and willingness to go the extra mile.
Trisha Seeley
He wanted you to know you were among the very best vendors with whom we had ever done business. It was above and beyond the call of duty to order the pump for us directly and to arrive so quickly at a solution for us. The repair was then completed quickly and it now runs fine for the new owners.
I wish you all the best in your work and personal life. If I can ever assist you do not hesitate to contact me. I truly loved your product.
Best regards
Trisha Seeley

Still MEGA loving the swim spa!!  In fact, It changed our lives. On April 27th of this year, our 24 year old son who was living in Nashville, was hit by a distracted driver while he was on his bike. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury and was told he would never walk again. After being in a hospital for almost 2 months, he came to live with us for a week before going back to therapy in Atlanta. The Swim Spa was the FIRST TIME he was able to stand on his own two legs, and be vertical for a long time without effort. It immediately helped his digestion and blood circulation! He spent at least 2 hours a day in it and was smiling the whole time. The Swim Spa was the first significant step in his recovery and our emotional state of mind!!!

Thank you!!!!

John Platillero

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